EU32i 3200W Portable




Honda EU32i 3.2kVa Portable Inverter Generator

Introducing the NEW Honda EU32i generator! In recent years there has been huge demand for a portable, high-power generator. The EU32i meets this demand with its class-leading performance and premium ergonomic design.

It has a high output up to 3.2 kVa with inverter technology for stable, high-quality power. It’s the lightest and most compact generator in its class. It weighs an impressive 26.5 kg and has a ‘suitcase’ design with a carrying handle. All of this makes the EU32i a diverse generator for a wide range of powering applications in both professional and recreational environments. Overall, it’s a great all-rounder that you can rely on!


Award-winning for power and portability.

The EU32i recently received a Red Dot Award for product design. This award is given to products that excel in design quality and innovation. The machine was awarded for its immense power in a consumer-friendly, smartly-designed package and for world-first integration of a high-output engine in to a portable, fuel-injected generator.

Ideal Usage

From construction to camping sites.

  • Power electric tools and equipment on construction sites
  • Power electric equipment at professional events
  • Ideal for camping, campervans, caravans, etc.
  • Power various outdoor and recreational activities
  • Highly dependable as a backup power supply, e.g. in case of a blackout or natural disaster

Note: The EU32i doesn’t have a DC output for charging batteries. It also can’t be LPG converted.


To help you determine which Honda generator is best suited to your requirements, please use the chart below for a reference guide to typical applications.